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AFEN PROJECT               

優雅是永不褪色的美|“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”

- Audrey Hepburn 奧黛麗赫本




The restaurant is where the six of us started out, and it's where we put our pursuit of beauty into practice through our food. We use the flavors we know best to create a connection between people. Our food isn't about being Japanese or French, or being fancy and creative. It's about blending the best of local ingredients with a touch of elegance. If you want to get to know us, start by enjoying a good meal. And remember, taking care of yourself is the first step to becoming one of us.


音樂 · 視覺|MUSIC & VISUAL

The transformation of art is the second phase of the Afen project. In addition to the seasonal menu designs and dining music that guests can enjoy, this stage will feature a more prominent role for visual and musical elements. Drawing inspiration from the cuisine, guests, and community, Afen will create physical and virtual art exhibitions that showcase the fusion of local essence and elegance.




Both artistry and the pursuit of beauty require concrete practice in order to manifest in everyday life and become a reality. At this stage, Afen will sequentially offer workshops in cuisine, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and art. Through learning, hands-on experience, sharing, and book clubs, Afen's pursuits will gradually become tangible. As a concept, Afen is a starting point, and each individual should find their own Afen within their heart.



This isn't the final stage of the Afen project, but rather the beginning of the second chapter. When everyone finds their own Afen and strives to embody it, it's the perfect time to launch this mature stage. At this point, the Afen team will take everyone into the theater to experience a parallel world in a truly immersive way. Through dining and a series of events triggering chain reactions in the theater, diners become both spectators and performers, becoming the core of the story and the masters of the conclusion. Each person's Afen becomes their unique reliance, like a test but more about transcendence.

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